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In order to be able to build the project yourself, you need the Intel Compiler (which comes with Visual Studio integration) and an installation of Yasm.
The project was successfully built with ICL 12.1 and YASM 1.2.0.
As of changeset 19309 ICL13.0 is used.

Changes to the FFmpeg-code

The ffmpeg-code is based on FFmpeg 1.1 (dates 01/2013). In several files there were some changes in order to make it compile with the Intel-compiler, esp. regarding the AT&T-style inline assembly.

Current state

The project builds ok and basic tests work ok. Only x86-build is operational currently.
Libx264, FAAC 1.28, Lame 3.99.5 and zlib 1.2.7 is included in the project (and compiled into the binary).

If you spot a problem with this version (a problem that does not exist in a GCC-build of ffmpeg) please drop me a note - I will try to fix it.

The project includes a quick-n-dirty tool in order to execute the FATE-testsuite. See How to run the FATE-tests .

next steps...

  • update the code to the FFmpeg 0.11 release
  • create more test-cases
  • add other external codecs/libraries (faac, lame, aacplus, schroedinger ...)
  • x64-build
  • in the longer run: add windows specific stuff

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