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The following steps are required to run the FATE-tests:

  • Download the sample-data from FATEDATA. For FFmpeg version 1.1 you need this sample-data: FATEDATA
  • Unzip the file into the FATEFAKE-folder
  • Build the projects "FATEFAKE" and "tiny_psnr".
  • Execute FATEFAKE.EXE (in the folder ...\bin\Release or ..\bin\Debug).
  • By default, the Debug-build of FATEFAKE.EXE will use the debug-build of winffmpeg.exe, and the Release-build the release-build of winffmpeg.exe.

FATEFAKE.EXE understands the following command-line switches:

switch option
-s silent operation, only success or failure is printed out
-e set the filename of the ffmpeg-executable
-d set the directory where the sample-files reside

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